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Unlimited Membership $195 every month • Unlimited visits • Access to all classes and includes full customization for you as an individual. Your classes can be planned out with a coach and reviewed on a monthly basis.

CrossFit + Restorative $170 every month • Unlimited visits • Access to all CrossFit classes plus Yoga.

Leader's Class (Age 12-18) $100 every month • Unlimited visits •

We are looking at the possibility of an additional Friday session that will be based on demand.

The mission of the Leaders class is to increase strength, speed and flexibility in young athletes who commit to the program.

We dedicate time and focus every day to stretching and body symmetry. We build strong pliable muscles that help our young men and women become resistant to injury.

Our Coaches value technique over everything else. We start with basic movement and add resistance only when form is perfect.

Each athlete will get detailed instruction through barbell, dumbell and kettlebell work. We will analyze and improve individual running mechanics to increase speed and reaction time.

We use jump ropes, agility ladders/drills, heart-rate monitors, treadmills, box jumps, climbing ropes, rowers, boxing gloves / heavy bags, medicine balls, weighted sleds and gymnastics equipment to condition our athletes.

We also begin an on-going nutrition conversation that helps to guide the student's food choices. They begin to see food as fuel.

It has been our experience that young athletes who train with us make tremendous gains in their athleticism. In addition they become more confident and able through a wide-range of skills.

Our goal is to help them learn how to maximize their performance while staying healthy and strong throughout the year.